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A Fan’s Note

I’m not much of a football fan, but it’s hard not to get a little excited when the local football team is playing against the top ranked team in the country, which will happen this evening at seven, in Tuscaloosa, or wherever.  Penn State, ranked 18th, is playing Alabama, and the chances are the local boys will get a drubbing.  But who knows, the wily Penn State coach may pull some magic out of his hat.  He is, after all, an English major.

I don’t know Joe Paterno, Penn State’s legendary coach, but a friend of mine knew him pretty well and even wrote a book about him. Bernie Asbell mentioned Paterno’s literary side a couple of times to me, and I have to say it was a kick to think of the gruff coach, with his thick Brooklyn accent, reading the classics.  I was happy to add him to that long list of famous and successful English majors, which now is up to three, if you count the humorist Dave Barry and radio host Garrison Keillor.  There may be a few others, but if there are they are keeping the fact well hidden.

So tonight I’ll root for my fellow English major and hope he pulls something stunning out of an ancient Greek playbook, maybe that one by Thucydides.

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